vifian wardrobe configurator

SHD and intelligentgraphcis developed an interactive wardrobe configurator for the Swiss company vifian. The new tool is based on the already well-established KPS online and was shown for the very first time at the Möbelmesse Schwyz, an important trade fair in Switzerland.

So what is the configurator meant for?
With the new online tool, vifian’s customers can easily plan and configure individual wardrobe combinations. The interactive approach and the usage of intelligent logics help to simply arrange both the outer and inner parts of the furniture.

For a perfect workflow, the user can switch between some two-dimensional and a three-dimensional projection. Additionally, it is possible to hide the fronts of the wardrobe to see what’s inside. A basket function allows to display all the items put in the scene.

On top of that every configuration can not only be saved and restored – it can also be shared with other persons.